The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

The Best Anime about Otakus to Watch If You are an Otaku Yourself

The anime industry is a big part of Japanese culture and has become a huge global phenomenon. As a result, it is not uncommon to find people obsessed with anime, manga, or Japanese video games. These people are called “otakus.” This article will discuss the best anime about otaku culture, with otaku characters, and for otaku fans to watch.

This is a list of the best anime about otaku culture, including anime geared toward otaku fans and featuring both male and female otaku characters. These anime series are available on streaming websites like Crunchyroll, Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu.

The following are some of the best otaku anime that you should watch:

19. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken is the first anime on this list about otaku characters. The story revolves around Eizouken’s Motion Pictures Club, which is all about anime. They never stop making it, talking about it, or thinking about it! You’ll find that storyboards, animation, sound design, and voice acting are all intricately linked, which will make your aching heart soar with joy! This best anime taught me so much about otaku culture and the anime industry.

Eizouken is a fantastic anime that pays homage to animation. It is wildly creative and provides some insight into the amazing things you can achieve in this medium! The story is about two young animators, Midori and Mizusaki, and their business-minded manager, Kanamori. They seem to work well together. Each of them has their own distinct design that reflects their inner personality. The voice acting is funny. Eizouken is a fantastic anime that pays homage to animation.

18. Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Nogizaka is a typical anime about otaku romance that includes many references to anime and manga, comedy, light ecchi, and some more traditional harem elements.

Yuuto discovers Haruka’s secret when he bumps into her in the library, where he discovers that she is just as much of an otaku as Yuuto. When Haruka becomes confused and overreacts, Yuuta promises to keep her secret.

17. Chaos; Head

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Takumi Nishijou is an otaku in high school who acts like he is being watched and does things like play video games and watch anime all day like someone who doesn’t care about reality.

After a while, he went to a cafe where he saw the same murderer he saw in the picture and a girl with pink hair covered in blood calling out his name. However, his life will turn upside down when he receives an unsettling image of a man on a stake that was sent to him by his user named Shogun.

This anime is about otaku stories and follows Takumi, who is involved in the “New Gen” murders but can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction because he doesn’t know who to trust anymore.

16. Otaku No Video

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Otaku no Video is a modern anime in many ways, but it is not entirely a movie or a TV show. However, it is an Ova that covers relevant cultural information about the Otaku world and has a mix of themes from the anime.

Ken Kubo, who lives a normal life until he is drawn into a group of otaku, is the protagonist of this series, which is based on the Gainax studio’s founding and explores all aspects of otaku life.

He eventually reaches the point where he makes the contented decision to give up his regular life and set out to become the otaku king.

This is a good anime about otakus that is racially diverse and features live interviews that cover all aspects of the lives of hard-core Japanese geeks. It is not just for anime or manga fans; it also covers some other topics related to otakus.

15. Saekano

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Tomoya Aki has been collecting anime, manga, and light novels for the past few years, attaching himself to a couple of series and franchises with captivating stories and amazing fictional characters. Saekano is an anime in which the mc is an otaku. It has a comedy, romance, and ecchi genre, and it follows the story of The Mc Tomoya Aki and his otaku friends and their quest to make his own video game.

Tomoya manages to establish a new video game company based on his previous experiences with the intention of touching people’s hearts; however, he is unaware that other creators whose works touch people are also experiencing the same emotions.

14. Genshiken

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

The story of Kanji Sasahara, who has always struggled to find a place he can call his own, begins when he walks into an all-encompassing club for otaku and meets club member Makoto and learns that he is an otaku girl. Genshiken is an otaku anime series from the studio Palm that features three genres: comedy, slice of life, and action.

Sasahara shows his obsession with anime, doujinshi, and going to conventions by getting involved in the club activities. He meets other interesting people there, like Makoto’s girlfriend Saki, who is adamantly against otakus. Saki is struggling with her boyfriend’s otaku hobby, while Sasahara is finding a new place to live and making friends at Genshiken. He is getting used to the idea of being an otaku once

13. Denpa Kyoushi

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

This anime series is about an otaku teacher with themes of being different and doing something you don’t like. It also has all the usual otaku things. Kagami doesn’t like teaching, but he will help any students with a problem he finds funny.

This is the show’s main premise because there are a lot of individual students who, as they are shown in each episode, all have a problem that Kagami solves in a bizarre way. Junichirou takes his class on an unlikely journey where he learns lessons about accepting others, making good friends, and living a better life by doing what you like.

12. Blood Lad

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

This is a good anime about characters who are obsessed with Japanese culture. It has 10 epic episodes and is about Staz Charlie Blood, the powerful vampire who rules over the Demon World. There are rumors that he is bloodthirsty and monstrous, but Staz is just a normal otaku who is obsessed with Japanese culture. He gives his subordinates control of his territory and spends all of his time reading manga and anime.

Staz is happy to finally meet someone from Japan when a Japanese girl named Fuyumi Yanagi walks through a portal into the demon world. However, just as he starts to feel an unusual attraction to her, her territory is attacked and she is killed. Staz wants to resurrect her because she is now a ghost who wanders around. His ultimate goal is to travel to the human world and see what it’s like.

Blood Lad is an action, comedy, supernatural, and vampire movie that was made by Brain’s Base studio. It follows Staz and Fuyumi as they search for the magic that can bring Fuyumi back to life. Soon, they get help from a werewolf.

11. Eromanga sensei

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

This otaku anime, which is based on a light novel of the same name and spans comedy, drama, romance, and ecchi, is made by studio A-1 Pictures. In a nutshell, Eromanga-sensei takes a close look at the life of an aspiring light novel author in Japan and makes many references to other anime, manga, and light novels as well as the Japanese industry as a whole.

It is a lighthearted, beautiful, and even oversimplified romance comedy that will probably turn off a lot of people due to its ecchi and fanservice themes. However, for those who like that kind of television show, it has one thing going for it: It knows exactly what the audience wants to see, so you can decide if you are into this kind of anime or not. The characters in this show are quite eccentric and do not always adhere to standard anime tropes.

10. Re: Creators

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Re: Creators, an action, fantasy, and sci-fi anime from Studio TROYCA, is the definition of a good anime about otaku and geeks. It has 22 episodes, and every character you can think of has a moment to shine in this show. Everything you can think of from mecha and magical girls to swordmen and legendary warriors has a moment to shine.

The story of a high school student who embarks on an unusual journey along heroes when he realizes that a villain has brought fictional characters into his world and is using these heroes to complete her sinister plan is one of the most well-known examples of the “reverse Isekai” concept.

9. Oreimo

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

The story of Kyousuke, a normal high school student who suddenly finds himself entangled in his sister’s secret hobby of watching anime and playing eroge video games, is Oreimo, a harem anime with otaku characters that you will absolutely fall in love with.

Since he has never met Kirino before, he finds himself assisting her in her otaku mode, concealing her secret, assisting her in making new friends, and repairing their relationship. Seriously, a pair of siblings find happiness through the power of the otaku culture! Kirino’s secret and the sudden change in her behavior are shocking and perplexing.

8. Lucky Star

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Lucky Star, an otaku-style slice-of-life comedy series, is the best option to watch if you’re more interested in the jokes.

LuckyStar is a story about four cute schoolgirls, including Konata Izumi, who is an otaku, the Hiiragi twins, Tsuka and Kagami, and Miyuki Takara, who is smart and well-mannered. The show is produced by Kyoto Animation and includes genres like comedy, otaku culture, and school.

These girls have hilarious experiences at school and in life, and as they make funny observations about what’s going on around them—about traditional Japanese culture, otaku, academics, different culinary practices, and everything else—their friendship grows stronger.

7. Watamote

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

This is a good anime story about an otaku girl who tries to overcome her social problems in high school and start living a life that is fulfilling, and it will make you laugh harder than you have ever laughed before.

Tomoko is a high school student who wants to be popular and attractive. She is a loner who is so distant that even hearing a classmate say “goodbye” is considered a trophy. She feels that her family doesn’t care about her, that no one notices that she is having problems, and that the only friend she can talk to isn’t giving her the support she needs. Tomoko doesn’t have anyone to turn to.

6. Outbreak Company

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

This anime is about parody, the harem, isekai, and otaku culture. It follows the story of Shinichi Kanou, who lived a secluded life and only watched anime, manga, and video games. When he decides to get out of his shut-in mode, he ends up being transported to the Eldant Empire, a new world with a lot of species and secrets Shinichi has never seen before.

To complete his mission, Shinichi has the support of Japanese authorities and Myucel, the half-elf maid, in addition to Petralka, a Princess of the Eldant Empire, who is also on his team. His goal is to unite all people from a variety of backgrounds in order to promote and celebrate otaku culture in this new world. Shinichi is given an unlikely task: to become an otaku missionary.

5. Shirobako

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

This is why I adore Shirobako: it is about making anime and does an amazing job of capturing the real-life experiences of the people involved. If you are interested in otaku anime but have never tried it, this show is a great place to start and I would suggest giving it a try.

This show, produced by P.A. Works, follows a group of friends who move to Tokyo to work in the animation industry. It covers drama, comedy, otaku culture, and the process of making an anime.

This approach to modern information entertainment is both daring and an opportunity for creators to put in their passion for this type of work, allowing them to tell a true story about the difficulties faced by newcomers in the anime industry.

4. Bakuman

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Bakuman is an otaku anime series and a powerful coming-of-age story that follows two friends, Mashiro Moritaka and Tagaki Akito. The duo aspires to become Japan’s greatest mangakas. Bakuman is one of the most popular anime in Japan. It also has a man’s dream, inspiration, and depth that can’t be matched by other shows. It is also unique in that it is a show with laughs, tears, and humor

The mangakas have gone through a lot of ups and downs, but they are still around to achieve their dreams. I was hooked from the beginning, and the story is so immersive that I wish some of their fictional ideas were real. There is also a story about romance and twists in the mangakas’ personal lives.

3. Wotakoi

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

If you’re looking to get lost in a world filled with otaku romance, their day-to-day antics, and all sorts of other cool geeky aspects, Wotakoi Love is Hard for Otaku is a show that really pushed the boundaries in terms of exploring otaku culture and the lifestyle of nerds.

The main four characters in this show are people you can sympathize with and relate to as the series progresses. Wotakoi is a show about romance and relationships that takes place in an office and features characters who are Otaku. There are two couples who are dating.

Manga and video games will be mentioned from time to time, but this anime may also feature a lot of comedy or romance.

2. World God Only Knows

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Studio Manglobe’s World God Only Knows is an anime series with heavy harem and otaku culture elements and a comedy, romance, and supernatural theme.

The series follows Katsuragi Keima, a professional gamer dubbed the “capturing god” in the gaming world. He is at the top of his field and has impeccable seduction skills when it comes to dating girls in this bishoujo game. Anime often approaches the subject of otaku in an imaginative way, though it is usually slightly humorous.

Because he believes that reality is just a game and that real women are impossible to find, he prefers to live in the virtual world, but all of that changes when he responds to an enigmatic email from the “God of Conquest” and meets the demon girl Elucia.

1. Welcome to the NHK

The 19 Best Otaku Character-Based Anime to Watch

Tatsuhiro Satou, 22, has been a hikikomori for almost four years. He spends his days alone, which has given him time to develop many conspiracy theories. However, there is one theory that he absolutely believes: that the NHK organization is the hands-on puppet master behind his NEET lifestyle. The NHK is a group that aims to introduce hikikomori culture to a wide audience.

Welcome to the NHK! is an otaku anime that tells the psychological and dramatic story of Tatsuhiro, an otaku who tries to escape the NHK’s manipulations and the disease of self-imposed isolation. He also tries his best to get out of his apartment and find a job. His unforeseen meeting with the mysterious Misaki Nakahara may mean that luck is coming his way, but he will have to face his greatest fear: society.

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