The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

The Best Time Travel Anime Series That Will Make You Wish You Could Control Time

Time travel anime series are a subgenre of Isekai that can be defined by a few things, one of which is that they focus on change and progress as well as the consequences of these changes.

This is a brand-new top list we’ve put together for you, and it’s about anime series with time travel themes in the plot. It’s always fun to watch these shows because they always have a lot of action, and the science fiction, romance, and other genres that go along with them are also great! We will only be looking at shows that should also have good character development and a good story.

As a result, continue reading to learn more about the fantastic anime series that focuses on time travel.

21. Meng Qi Shi Shen

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

This is an excellent 12-episode Chinese time travel anime series that explores a variety of topics, including history, time travel, comedy, drama, gourmet, and romance.

Ye Jia Yao is a young chef who wants to be the next big chef in the food industry. But when she gets into an accident that takes her back in time, she ends up being transported back to Imperial China as a very useless girl.

The young woman will be kidnapped there, but she was able to negotiate her way out of the difficult situation with humor and a smile.

20. Amatsuki

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

The following time travel anime I’d like to recommend is Amatsuki, a good series about Rikugou Tokidoki, who finds himself stuck in an alternate world where demons and other evil creatures are commonplace.

In this story, the motives, coexistence, and thoughts of both demons and humans are fully explored, while some mysteries unfold that are addressed in a clever way that makes the series even more entertaining to watch. He learns that he has a “special power” and how to coexist in such a fantasy world.

19. Nobunaga Teacher’s Young Bride

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Studio Seven’s Nobunaga Teacher’s Young Bride is a fantastic time-travel anime with supernatural powers, comedy, romance, and harem/school themes that has 12 episodes.

When Nobunaga-sensei touched a seemingly random object in a shed, a small girl appeared out of nowhere and asked to sleep with him. Nobunaga-sensei was just a normal middle school teacher trying to find love in everyday life.

As a result of this strange ability, Nobunaga-sensei now has two small girls, a student, a fellow teacher, and a trap, all of whom eventually want to sleep with him! The show is all about his numerous love interests and their drama. Now, he has a mysterious power that allows him to summon lolis out of nowhere.

18. Seikimatsu Occult Gakuin

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Another excellent Japanese time travel anime, Occult Academy is a 13-episode series about back-in-time themes produced by A-1 Pictures and Aniplex. It combines several genres, including mystery, slice-of-life, and a nearly powerful supernatural story.

Occult Academy’s main premise is similar to that of the iconic film 12 Monkeys: sending someone back in time to avert the event that caused the apocalypse. While the Waldstein Academy has seen some strange things in its history, the sight of a naked man appearing out of nowhere is unusual by Waldstein Academy standards.

This story’s protagonist, Fumiaki Uchida, isn’t exactly a skilled agent. Now that she has a special phone, she has to destroy the item that will end the world on her own. It sounds like an impossible task, but she is determined to succeed and save the world.

17. Buddy Complex

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

The combination of gigantic robots and intricate time loops in Buddy Complex is definitely a one-of-a-kind take on the two genres, but whether it does so successfully or not is up in the air.

A teen travels 70 years into the future and finds himself in a war fought by giant robots that require two pilots to work together. He quickly forms an alliance with Ace pilot Dio to help defend their alliance.

16. Nobunaga Concerto

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Nobunaga Concerto is like the anime’s answer to A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court because the concept of traveling back in time to assist legendary historical figures is not new.

This historical time travel anime has a simple and sweet plot with lovely themes of friendship and loyalty. It has 10 episodes and tells the story of Saburou’s epic journey back in time to the Sengoku era, where he must take the place of Oda Nobunaga, one of Japan’s most famous warlords. Wouldn’t it be fun if all famous historical figures were time travelers who used their modern skills to become great?

15. Zipang

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Another pretty good time-traveling anime show is Zipang. The story begins with a 21st-century warship leaving a port for training exercises. However, something causes them to be transported back 60 years, when Japan and the United States were still at war.

The series follows the crew’s efforts to avoid people from those eras so that history does not change. However, when there is a war, it is usually impossible to avoid people because supplies are reduced, which is where things get interesting.

14. Remake our Life!

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Based on the same-named light novel and produced by the studio “feel,” this 12-episode time travel anime spans the drama, romance, and slice-of-life genres.

The show is about going back in time and changing what happened before. Some things are easy to change, but others have more difficult consequences. In other words, you can change your life no matter what has happened before.

Kyouya Hashiba is a creator of video games. When he wakes up 10 years ago, he has the chance to change his life while trying to avoid a disastrous future.

13. Dr. Stone

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

One day, the human population was petrified in stone three millennia ago, leaving some children undisturbed. The most important one is Senku, and he is exceptionally intelligent—his IQ is more than ten billion times higher than that of other kids his age. Dr. Stone is one of the best time travel anime shows that you will love, despite the fact that it is already extremely over the top.

Senku decides to rebuild society in a time when there are no signs of civilization, and armed with his science knowledge, he sets out to make miracles happen again.

12. Iroduku: The World In Colors

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

We can’t express how we feel about this show with just words, but the answer is in Iroduku. The story is told in such a way that it’s impossible to not get drawn into such an emotional adventure. Iroduku The World of Colors holds a spell on you from the very first episode.

The story is about a girl who travels back in time to attend a school with the young version of her grandmother with the primary objective of opening up her heart and getting in touch with her closed-off feeling. This good time travel anime is from P.A. Works and has 13 episodes that span various genres, including drama, romance, and school.

In general, it is acceptable to assert that this time travel anime television show merits high praise and is one of the best contemporary fantasies about self-discovery.

11. Mirai Nikki

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

This time travel anime is worth watching if you’re looking for a great story. The main character, Yuki, has an amazing ability to read the future through his own diary. However, when he finds out that there are other people with their own diaries who would use their power to kill each other in order to become the next lord, his life will be turned upside down.

However, Yuno Gasai, a crazy yandere girl from Yuki’s school who keeps a diary, falls in love with him and is frequently seen stalking him. You could say that she has the heart of an “extreme lover,” and the two will work together to survive the deadly game in which they are thrown. On the other hand, he has someone to protect him.

10. Inuyasha

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

The classic time travel anime series Inuyasha, which debuted in the early 2000s but is still very popular today, tells the story of a half-demon who was chained to a tree before being freed by a girl from modern-day Japan.

The girl named Kagome will then embark on an epic journey to the time of the half-demon Inuyasha, where she and her friends will fall in love, battle various demons, and attempt to locate the fragments of a sacred jewel that has been broken into many pieces.

Because it is filled with action, adventure, romance, and drama, Inuyasha is definitely worth watching. It is suitable for viewers of all ages, and I’m sure that everyone will enjoy it!

9. Madoka Magica

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Madoka Magica is an anime series about magic time travel that follows two high school students, Madoka Kaname and Sayaka Miki, who have fairly normal lives until they meet Kyubey, a small cat-like creature with supernatural powers, and Homura Akemi, their new classmate.

Akemi warns the girls not to accept Kyuubey’s offer, but the girls do so anyway, creating a story of hope, friendship, and despair. In exchange, Kyuubey promises to grant their wishes and turn them into magical girls.

If you don’t know Madoka, watch Madoka Magica, a magical time travel anime about what it’s like to be a magical girl and the cost of making a wish come true. We won’t say any more about it. Just watch it!

8. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

The series follows the day-to-day antics of the female protagonist, Haruhi, who frequently gets involved in illogical situations by putting her friends in fictitious situations that are almost always made up or convenient.

Yes, Haruhi has many different adventures that range in diversity and intensity, some of which were probably pretty disastrous while others were probably hilarious. The show has various personalities come up with really wild topics that result in both happy accidents and disastrous consequences.

7. Sakurada Reset

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

The story demonstrates that every person born in this city possesses some kind of power. Kei Asai possesses a particular power: he is able to remember everything, and Haruki Misura is able to rewind time to certain days in the past. Together, the two of them work to assist the residents of the city with difficult problems.

The Administration Bureau is an organization that focuses on managing people with special abilities in Sakurada and controlling important events there. As the story progresses, we find ourselves confronted with a lot of new twists and surprises as the group begins to complete missions for the Bureau.

6. Orange

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

The 13-episode back-to-the-present anime series titled “Orange” follows Naho Takamiya, who has an odd day when she wakes up late and then receives a letter from ten years in the future!

The letter describes Naho’s future life and how it is full of regrets and agony; now, she hopes that her younger self can correct the mistakes of the past. Naho is initially skeptical of the note she receives, but as the events described begin to occur, she starts to believe it really is from her 26-year-old self.

Despite the fact that she is also tasked with keeping a close eye on Kakeru, a transfer student, Naho must exercise extra caution when making decisions involving him because he won’t be around in the future. Using the letter, Naho now has the authority to care for Kakeru before she regrets it once more.

5. Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Subaru Natsuki, the protagonist of the popular anime series based on the light novel of the same name, has a strange ability that enables him to return from death as long as he has something to save. He is also accompanied by Emilia, a beautiful girl, and Rem and Ram, twin sisters.

When Subaru Natsuki dies in this new world, he starts over in the previous timeline, still alive and well. He always goes back to when an issue started, but he knows what will happen in the future. Can he use this knowledge to change his fate and the fates of his friends?

4. Boku Dake ga Inai Machi

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Erased appears to be one of the best psychological anime with strong storytelling and the intriguing nature of time travel. It follows Satoru Fujinuma, a 29-year-old detached protagonist, who finds himself sent back minutes before tragedy strikes. He starts taking advantage of this mysterious ability to save lives.

However, when he is falsely accused of murdering a close friend, he is transported back in time to 18 years ago. It soon becomes apparent that the murder may be connected to the kidnapping and murder of one of his classmates when he was a child, and this is his chance to make things right for everyone.

The story of Satoru, who has the ability to travel back in time, is told in Boku Dake ga Inai Machi. With this ability, he must find out what happened when he was young, 18 years ago, and stop the deaths of those he cares about in the past and present.

3. Tokyo Revengers

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Go back in time to save your friends from a life of crime, despair, and death in Tokyo Revengers, one of the best new time travel films.

Takamichi is a loser who is 26 years old and has no future. When he finds out that his middle school crush died tragically, he is given the ability to challenge fate unknowingly. He is given the ability to travel through time and is taken back 12 years.

When he travels to the past, he meets two angsty teenagers dressed as gangbangers, Mikey and Draken, who are the President and Vice President of a gang that killed his ex-girlfriend.

2. Oda Nobuna no Yabou

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Yes, that’s right—we have a well-known historical time-travel anime series that draws inspiration from Oda Nobunaga’s legendary reign as a Japanese warlord.

A modern-day Japanese high school student wakes up in the middle of a raging Sengoku period battle as a result of an unidentified occurrence. He is saved by the legendary Hideyoshi Toyotomi, but the hero loses his life. With his dying breath, the warrior begs Yoshiharu to take over as feudal lord in his place.

After saving a girl who appears to be an alternate reality version of the fabled Nobunaga, Yoshiharu realizes he has been transported to a new world where the majority of Japan’s historic warlords are cute girls! Yoshiharu has pledged to do everything in his power to ensure that the course of history remains as it should.

1. Steins; Gate – The best time travel anime ever

The 21 Best Time-Travel-Based Anime Series

Steins; Gate is a well-known time travel anime series because of its depth, intriguing plot, and fast pacing. The show has sparked a lot of discussion about time travel and the relationship between technology and causality.

The first episode of the show reveals that the characters are only able to send messages back in time; however, this still-developing technology will lead to the creation of a more advanced time travel device, which will lead to numerous thrilling adventures, ups and downs, and memorable experiences.

Steins; Gate is a sci-fi anime that anyone should watch because it has a great story, is very interesting, has a lot of twists and turns, and is not at all predictable. It can be recommended to anyone.

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